Hi JAND Readers,
New change alert. I know, again. Reasoning behind it? Read on.


Short version

If you don’t care for the reason, let me give you the basic gist. You get to read JAND in chapters now. That will be 10 strips per chapter (about 40 pages). The amount of strips may change slightly but that’s the amount aimed for. JAND will update every 5- 6 weeks. A chapter will be around NGN750 that’s about USD3.80. For optimum reading pleasure on your phone, read via Adobe Reader app. Use the Continuous Mode to read rather than the Single Page Mode. For reading on the computer scroll down instead of clicking from page to page. Click below to buy and download. Thanks!





Long version

I really care about JAND being an enjoyable read. Something I noticed about JAND is that it is addictive. You always want to know what’s going to happen next. People have found it difficult to sink into the story because it’s start and stop. The once a week thing wasn’t working.  JAND started to feel jaded. So I thought that if I gave a bunch at one go to satisfy the reader it may be better. The only way I feel I can give a bunch at one go without panicking (actually panicking LESS, I’m forever stressed) was if I got some sort of remittance.


I also think this will work better for you and I. The reader will enjoy and get a better flow of the story. Also you won’t be dependent on slow internet. You just have to download once and then read. Since it’s a longer stretch to get the work done I can better structure my time.


So the aim is to create 8-10 strips, that’s about 30-40 pages every 5 – 6 weeks instead of what we have now which is only 5-6 strips in 5-6 weeks. I’m gonna try this for sometime and see how you guys feel and if this works for me.


Optimum way to read JAND from now on

I designed the digital download book to be read on smart phones, iPads & tablets and computers (in that order). Please download the Adobe Reader app (ios /andriod) and use the Continuous Mode to read JAND rather than the Single Page. See the GIF below to get a visual. If you are reading it on the computer use the scrolling down method instead of flipping from page to page.

OfficialHowToReadJANDHassle Free Payment System

Lastly, I made it really simple to make payment. No token required. Just name card details and email. Purchase below and enjoy 40 pages of juicy storytelling. 😉




If you want to get notified when the next chapter will come out you can subscribe to the mailing list. If this digital download thing doesn’t work out well we’ll go back to weekly updates. Thanks again for your support and patience. See you in a month+. Enjoy.


Take care,


Update: If you are having issues paying you can do a bank/wire transfer below:




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