What is “JAND” about?
Jand is a bi-weekly webcomic about the lives of Nigerian university students living in the United Kingdom.


Why the name “JAND”?
The word “Jand” is a slang term in Nigerian pidgin English which means “England”. The name was then coined to stand for Just Another Nigerian Drama. The word “Jand” was not made up by the creator of the comic.


How often does JAND update?

Twice  Once a week. Mondays and  On Thursdays. Depending on Modé’s workload she may be unable to upload during holidays. Exact time varies, uploading is aimed for 12.00am WAT.

We are trying out digital downloads that will update 5-6 weeks. Please check out this post to get a better understanding. Thanks.





What’s the age requirement to read JAND?
16 and up.  There are curse words, sex, drugs and other subjects that aren’t suitable for the younger ones.


Who created JAND comic?
A lady named Modé (pronounced Moh-day). For lack of a better word lets call her a creative. She does all sorts of things including JAND. Her official site is


Who does the artwork and story?
From comic strips 1-49 Modé does the artwork and story. 50 and onwards all the colouring and backgrounds are done by the illustrator/concept artist Segun Samson. You can find more of his work here. He also just opened an Instagram account which you can find here. (Modé is a fan of his work)


Modé focuses on drawing the characters and dealing with the story which are her favourite things to do.






When and how did JAND start?
Well, it started because Modé wanted to stop watching television. As she tried to find an alternative to TV she surfed the internet and found  and These comics inspired her to create JAND. She started creating the comic summer 2009 but only available to the public summer 2014.


She still reads questionable content till this day.


Who designed the website?
Iré (pronounced Eee-Ray) Adérinokun. You can find her here


Enough chit-chat where do I start reading the comic?
You can click on START HERE on the sidebar or just click here